Ideal Destination

The hotel "Omilaia" is the ideal destination for nature lovers, mountaineers, cyclists, hunters, mushroom pickers and families who want to relax and enjoy the traditional hospitality and the authentic beauty that this place generously offers.

Welcome to the "Omilaia" Hotel!
The owners, members of the Vasiliou family, are happy to welcome you to the place they created and personally cared for, with love and passion, and promise you a pleasant and comfortable stay. Impeccable hospitality, amenities and handmade delicacies are the key elements that characterize the hotel "Omilaia".

It is the ideal choice for a wonderful break from your daily duties. The 18 brand new rooms and the other spaces are designed to meet all your needs.

Built on a slope of the village, the hotel "Omilaia" lies in the valley of Vistriza (the ancient river Inachos) and on the peaks of Oiti and Vardoussia, offering generously to its visitors magnificent views all year round.

All the rooms are decorated with great taste.  They are built with special care and ,combined with the unique view they have, they create the right conditions for you to enjoy every moment of the day, tranquility, relaxation and luxury.

In our hotel we provide:

  • Free parking
  • 16-hour reception
  • Luggage transfer service
  • Laptop - Tablet provisioning capability

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The Hotel


The new and modern accommodation recommendation at Gardiki Omilaion, in harmony with the unique natural beauty of the area. The hospitality, the comforts and the unique authentic environment are the elements that characterize the Hotel Omilaia. More...


about us

The Vasiliou family from generation to generation conveys, maintains and develops the great tradition of tastes and gastronomic habits of the region. All materials used are local and most of them a production of the Vasiliou family  More...

Gardiki Omilaion


Gardiki Omilaion is a mountain village with an altitude of 1,050 m and is located only 60 km away from Lamia. Crowned by a beautiful forest of fir and legs running Vistriza river emanating from Oxya Mountain. More...

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